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Amuzesh Un-Academy

From the ancient Persian for “Knowledge”, Amuzesh is the place to find new knowledge for your own benefit to make evidence-based decisions for your professional future. This is an UnAcademy where the courses are short enough to be consumed and immediately useful by you, the student, without investing much time or money in growing a certified expertise. Courses range from 1 hour to 4 hours, organized into different study areas, and taught strictly by industry experts, and with connections to accredited education institutions. Contact us for more info.
Amuzesh Un-Academy
Advocate for Data-Driven Decisions – Daneshmand Enterprices, LLC

Are you a veteran industry professional looking for Continuing Education?

Govern Data Consumption – Daneshmand Enterprices, LLC

Are you on the fence about a career change, but want to learn about new possible subject areas before investing in full training in a new profession?

Deliver a Single Source of Reference – Daneshmand Enterprices, LLC

Do you have a big interview coming up and are looking to “brush up” on your “rusty” subject areas”?

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