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Daneshmand Enterprises, LLC Helps Chief Data Officers

Daneshmand Enterprises works with Chief Data Officers and streamlines Corporate Operations.
Your Enterprise is looking to become Data Driven, Data Centric, or at least more Data Aware.

You have great people on your teams. All are experts within their own specific silo. But you need someone who has knowledge of Business, IT and Data to come in and tie everything together.

Deliver a Single Source of Reference

Makes data, algorithms & data viz easily discoverable

Advocate for Data-Driven Decisions

Reduces the friction in understanding & trusting data

Govern Data Consumption

Delivers interventions to ensure that data is used appropriately

If any of these questions apply to you, you might need my services:

  • Where do you get your data? Internally? Externally?
  • How do you know your data is right?
  • Do you Trust Your Data?
    Do you know what your data means?
  • How many locations do you store your data? In one Single Source of Truth? Or is it spread out with no organization?
  • Does CCPA and / or GDPR apply to you?
  • Do governmental regulations affect your data?

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