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Bridge The Gap – DATA / Business / IT

If any of these questions apply to you, you might need my services:

  • Where do you get your data? Internally? Externally?
  • How do you know your data is right?
  • Do you Trust Your Data?
  • Do you know what your data means?
  • How many locations do you store your data? In one Single Source of Truth? Or is it spread out with no organization?
  • Does CCPA and / or GDPR apply to you?
  • Do governmental regulations affect your data?
  • Collibra Data Governance Center Software
  • MuleSoft ESB
  • Alation Data Catalog Software
  • Oracle DBA
  • SQL Scripting
  • Trifacta Wrangler
  • Tableau Data Analysis
  • Assessment of Current Data State
    • Current Cross-Enterprise Data Model(s)
    • Current Cross-Enterprise IT Architecture
    • Current Cross-Enterprise Business State
  • Assessment of Desired Future Data State
    • Desired Cross-Enterprise Data Model(s)
    • Desired Cross-Enterprise IT Architecture
    • Desired Cross-Enterprise Business State
  • Alation Data Catalog
    • Right Start – Data Catalog Software Installation
    • Right Start – Data Catalog Database Integration
    • Right Start – Data Catalog BI Tool Integration
    • Right Start – Data Catalog Cloud Storage Integration
    • Right Start – Data Catalog Alation Analytics
    • Right Start – Data Catalog Data Governance Strategy Services
  • Collibra Data Governance Center Software
    • MuleSoft based Data Integration
    • DGC Catalog based Data Integration
  • Are you in between careers and interested in keeping your skills sharp?
  • Are you bored with your current job?
  • Are you professionally curious about other subject matter beyond your day to day?
  • Maybe you’re considering changing careers, but want to know more about the technical aspects of the new job before committing to it or to a full new training program?
  • Is your time so limited that you cannot afford the time to invest in a full 15 week bootcamp or university study?
  • Consider Micro-Courses at Aamuzesh Academy where we provide 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour courses in various professional and non-professional disciplines.
  • Get introduced to Spanish, or French, or German :-D.
  • Get introduced to Machine Learning.
  • Maybe you want to consider Medicine as a new career, or an MBA!

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