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Our Mission

… is to provide holistic Subject Matter Expertise in a variety of Knowledge Management areas ranging from Professional Services for Data Cataloging and Data Governance Strategy, to Software and System Architecture, Design and Implementation

… is to partner with our clients on their ongoing journey to full Data Self Awareness and Maturity.

… is to provide our clients with the skills and knowledge they need to meet and exceed their Data Maturity Goals.

… is to build and maintain trust with our clients

Data Management & Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management & Data Management

Here at Daneshmand Enterprises, we understand that every organization is at different levels of Data Maturity, Data Governance Maturity and Data Management Maturity. Some are at the begining of their journey and are in need of general Knowledge Management Guidance.  Others might be further along in their journey and might have more specific needs. It is our goal at Daneshmand Enterprises, LLC to partner with our clients to see their needs and provide them the power of choices.  We do this by providing (4) Key Knowledge Management Servicces.

  1. The Governing of Data and managing the key data that drives an organization.
  2. A Data Catalog that serves as the vessel for the single source of data truth or since source of data discovery
  3. The System Architecture and Engineering that supports all the Knowledge Management Efforts
  4. Custom Software to bridge the gap between the Data Governance Needs and the Data Catalog

Overall Data Catalog Professional Services

If you’re an organization is just starting on your Data Management Journey and need a Data Catalog SME to guide you in building out your Catalog Ecosystem, or if you are knee deep in your journey and need Adoption Services, Daneshmand Enterprises has a tried and proven Professional Services in all things Data Catalog Development.  As a member of the Alation Partner Network, we also bring the resources ad expertise of Alation Data Catalog to further empower your Data Catalog Ecosystem.

Our Professional Services:

1. Data Catalog Needs Assessment & Demonstration

2. Client Data Catalog Proof Of Concept Development

3. Initial Data Catalog Ecosystem Strategy, Planning and Implementation

4. Data Catalog Service Framework (DCSF) Initial Training and Workshops

5. Post DCSF Business Use Case Assessment & Gap Analysis

6. Post DCSF General Adoption & KPI Advisory

Data Platform System & Software Engineering


Data Governance & MDM Professional Services

The implementation of a Data Catalog is only one part of an effective Data Management Strategy.  We at Daneshmand Enterprises, LLC guide our clients in understanding the Key Data that drives their business. We also provide Data Governance Strategy consultation for maintaining and optimizing the Master Data.

The Key To Our Services is:

1. Assessment of our clients’ Business Ideal Use Cases, Current and Future Business Needs, and their current Data Ecosystem.

2. Development of Enterprise Stewardship Model that best fits your business model.

3. Development of Data Governance Committee’s per your Enterprise’s Functional Areas

4. Development of Master Data Steering Committee to manage the Key Enterprise Data Assets

5. Development of Data Quality Business Rules and Data Quality Management.

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